Jesters Sr

Oh…why did you have to grow up? Wait! We have a program designed for our older students and alumni.
That’s right, YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD! We’d love to have you back! Get on the fan mail list if you want to find out about stuff we’re doing at Jesters Sr. like the awesome, new-but-retro-radio play now being featured as part of Abby Theatre Fest! Like, whoa…cool huh?!

Four of our Jesters senior teens and two alumni worked hard this past spring, bringing these wonderful characters to life through the magic of vocal acting. We recorded their fantastic voices, added a few sound effects, and shared it with the world!
And the world listened!
Ok, maybe not the world, but the community did and they LOVED it!
So much so, that our little radio play performed and video recorded by Jesters Sr. is one of the featured plays with Abby Theatre Fest!

So don your pith helmet, grab some jungle snacks and tune in to hear this fun adventure!

Gallery 7 Abby Theatre Fest link HERE !
For all of you who want to support local talent and Jesters youth!

Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!