Youth Theatre Jesters

Jesters Theatre is a safe place to love theatre.

Jesters Theatre is a non-profit Christian organization with the aim to develop kids and youth in all areas of their lives through the joy of theatre. Feel free to click around on our site to find out about our various activities. We are a part of the Youth Unlimited family. Find out more at YOUTH UNLIMITED

Youth Theatre Jesters

Who do we serve?

We serve kids and youth grades 3-12 in our Summer camps and
accept students in grades 4-12 for our Main Stage (Fall/Winter) program.

Spring programs are rotated annually and are available to specific age groups of youth.
Spring Improv and Writing Club 2024 are designed for grades 7-12.

What are our Goals?


To provide a safe place…
…to learn about and experience the love of Christ
…for developing leaders to grow
…for personal expression through the performing arts
…to engage in and give back to the broader community
…to belong and be celebrated

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Our Staff

Jesters Theatre teen youth

Ryan is a husband, a father, and comes from a background in professional acting and youth leadership. He is thrilled to head up the Jesters team, where he gets to combine these two big passions in his life. Ryan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts and also completed the apprenticeship program at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver. He loves helping youth see their own inherent value, and believes the performing arts is one of the best tools in which to do that. He believes no one is alive by mistake, and fostering the creative sense inside of yourself will help anyone value what they can uniquely offer the world. Ryan is also an avid board gamer and enjoys throwing down the gauntlet to all would-be challengers.

Ryan is Jesters Theatres’ Artistic Director.
He is teaching Improv this Spring.

Jesters Theatre teen youth

Michelle is a mother of three and one daughter-in-law, and wife to her best friend Pat. She is a self-proclaimed extroverted-introvert who loves comical surprises, Aha moments and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Despite having two left feet herself, she grew up loving the ballet and theatre scene and is at Jesters because of the inclusiveness that it promotes regardless of ability. She enjoys sharing God-stories with young people and watching them grow by helping create opportunities for them to understand how specially they have been created. Occasionally, she engages in her geo-caching pastime but Muggles beware as she’ll disappear before you can witness her discovery!

Michelle is Jesters’ administrator.


Jesters Theatre teen youth

Hi! I’m Rahul!

Rahul has been around Jesters since it started, and loved it since day one, even coming back as a seasonal staff once he graduated. Throughout his years he’s played as a spy, fairy, and a various assortment of dads. Later, he headed up the Summer Camps program and as was employed as Main Stage Assistant Director. Some things that he enjoys doing are climbing, hiking, and according to a student, “working at Jesters”. He also has a “Soupy Cup” (Cup that says soup)

Rahul is the Writing Club instructor this Spring.