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Congratulations to our Artistic Director Ryan who married his lovely bride on January 28th in a snowy, fairy-tale setting!

Your Support of Our Neverland Production
Helped Local Families!

We were thrilled to be able to deliver some support to the St. Joseph’s Food Bank with proceeds from our production of Neverland in December. While we were there, the manager, Sandra, shared that they have been serving almost 800 families recently and the fact that we were able to partner with them, even in this small way, was huge.
The two students pictured below had taken a tour of St. Joseph’s Food Bank in the Fall and presented a call to actively donate through a filmed skit that they wrote and acted in. Their playful scene in full pirates garb was featured during our movie night premieres encouraging our virtual audience to support this worthwhile cause. 
So let’s continue to support them! They do untold good in our local community.
Check out their website: http://missionfoodbank.com/


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Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!