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Theatre is fun and a great way to explore who you are and where you are going in a safe environment! I was a shy kid and theatre was what brought out the joy in me. I felt such excitement when I made people laugh. I felt strength when I knew I had communicated my character’s deepest feelings to a crowd. I felt successful when my drama teacher commended me and spoke about my strengths in front of my peers. Theatre gives true insight into who people are and the how’s and why’s of their personalities.

Since high school I went on to enjoy theatre classes and a drama team in Bible College and then a touring theatre company which travelled for 6 months across Canada in schools and churches…..from then on I had the “theatre bug”! I directed music and theatre in camps and directed numerous church plays. I got involved backstage and developed a love for that by helping out with shows in my area. I was honoured to work alongside my aunt and director, Hertha Rustulka both acting and backstage and was inspired by her leadership. I began work at Youth Unlimited in 1994 and not long afterward began another theatre company called “Backstage to His Glory”. Then our kids came along and believe it or not, they love acting too and so “Jesters Theatre” was created!

editedI have dedicated our theatre company to my 3 wonderful kids, Riley, Rahul and Macey; my fun loving companions, my inspiration, the loves of my life. I owe a great deal to my supportive and creative husband Dave, who has never been an actor but makes me laugh every day. For more about me or Youth Unlimited click here!

Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!