Sumo Suit Rentals


Sumo Suits are offered with limited availability to ensure adequate time between rentals.
Extra cleaning measures are in place.

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Ready?…Set…Sumo Wrestle! Crowds love this event almost as much as the contenders!

Rules: Two participants meet belly to belly in the center of the mat. A referee says “Ready, Set, Sumo Wrestle!” The first person to get their opponent to step out of the ring or to knock their opponent down gets a point. Three points wins the match. Spotters are recommended for assisting players with getting in and out of their suits as well as with helping them stand up after falling.

Comes with two foam padded sumo suits (including helmets) and a padded wrestling mat. (must be 5′ or taller)

Rates: $175 for 3 hours minimum, each additional hour is $50.

Rental Policy:

  1. For use on grass or carpet only.
  2. Rocks and debris must not be under the mat during use.
  3. Wrestling must occur in a wide open area to prevent injury.
  4. Suits must be dry and clean upon return.
  5. Renters must fill out a:
    Youth Unlimited Waiver Form found here: Sumo Suit Waiver
    Youth Unlimited Sumo Suit Rental Deposit Form
  6. Located in Mission BC. Renters are responsible for pick up and drop off. Please submit request through our Rental Form.

Location: We are located in Mission BC. Serving Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Maple Ridge as well!

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