Open to all kids Grades 3-12, with weeks for Kids and for Teens.

Our programs are run in the context of Christian values, and although Christian faith is not pushed on anyone, our staff take time to sit down and explain their story on who God is in their lives.

 Wreck-It Ralph Drive-Through Skit
Acting Camp 

We had a blast at our first ever drive-thru!
See you next summer!


Tarzan Music Video Drive-In Musical Theatre Registration

We had a jungle-jangle, musical good time at our
Drive-In; hope to
see you next Summer!!


Leadership Training Week

Our young leaders are the future of tomorrow! 
We had a great summer learning and growing together.
We hope to see YOU next summer!


Our Summer Staff…follow the links to reveal just who helped out…
Acting Camp
Musical Theatre
Leadership Training Camp

Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!