Musical Theatre


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Theme verse:  “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.ÔÇØ – John 13:35

If you love to sing & dance, our Musical Theatre program is for you! Sign up for our Music Video Drive-In event, and be part of a fun Tarzan-themed dance video! 

Rehearsals run daily: groups will be assigned a morning or afternoon rehearsal time. Rehearsals will include dance & vocal classes, as well as fun outdoor games, and a devotional time!

At the end of the week, our parking lot will be transformed into a drive-in theatre, complete with a large inflatable screen; your newly-created dance videos will then be streamed for your friends and family as part of a fun show night!

Drive-In events will be held on Friday evenings, at the end of each week.


The safety and well-being of our students and their families is our top priority. With that in mind, please see below for new policies weÔÇÖve put in place for the summer:

  • Activities will be held outside as much as possible.
  • Students will be in small groups (up to 5):
    • There will only be two of these groups on-site at a time (except for performance time), to keep exposure-risk to a minimum.
    • There will be very limited interaction between these groups while on-site. Each group will interact with our Staff, and potentially 2-3 Student Leaders.
  • Adult to youth ratio will be minimum 1:5 at all times, so we have adequate supervision to ensure the following of health and safety protocols.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for illness of any kind on-site.
  • Increased cleaning measures have been put in place.
  • Masks will be available to use if desired; they are not required, however.
  • Social distancing will be maintained to the best of our ability during all activities.


Location:  Northview Community Church – Mission Campus (33507 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Mission)

Aug 4-7: Teens, Gr. 7-12 *note the start date on Tuesday, as Monday is a stat*
Aug 10-13: Kids, Gr 3-7

There may be students in the Teen Camp going into Grade 7 who wish to attend the kidsÔÇÖ camps, and this is fine.  We do not, however, accept Grade six students in the Teen Camp.

Times: *you will be assigned one of these blocks*
Morning rehearsals: 9:00 ÔÇô 11:00am
Afternoon rehearsals: 12:30 ÔÇô 2:30pm
Performances:  Friday evenings (exact time TBA)


  • Early-bird (before June 30th) $50 per camp
  • Latecomers: (after June 30):  possible wait list

If you require financial assistance, please donÔÇÖt hesitate to ask about it on your registration form!
Please make cheques out to YOUTH UNLIMITED, not ÔÇ£JestersÔÇØ.


*Please note that these events are subject to change, due to covid-related program adjustments*


Camp Kick-Off: Students registered for either Acting or Musical camp are invited to attend their age appropriate kick off day full of fun activities to get them excited for camp!
ÔÇô Grade 7-12: July 7 or 14 (10am – 12pm) 
ÔÇô Grade 3-7: July 8 or 15 (10am – 12pm)

Post-Kick-Off Bible Studies:  Want to learn more about God or the Bible?  After Kick-Off there is an option to sign up for an extra Bible Study with one of our staff. 

Student Leaders:
(Grades 7-12) Student Leaders may attend Teen Camp for free.  All student leaders must attend teen camp in order to volunteer at the corresponding Kids Camp (Acting or Musical).
For more information on being a student leader, click here.


Summer Program Coordinator: Alia Riesen

Alia is incredibly thrilled about spending another summer at Jesters Theatre. She loves reconnecting with old and new friends each year. and seeing everyone having fun and encouraging them to try new things. Tarzan has been one of her favourite musicals since she was in a production of it in high school. The music has been stuck in her head ever since! Tantor is her Musical Theatre name; which is what elephants are called in Mangani, the language of the great apes in Tarzan. Excited to see everyone again!

Summer Training Coordinator: Riley Wiebe

Riley is terrified of spiders. Recently, she tried to kill one by squirting it with vinegar water. Though this is highly uncomfortable and prevents movement for several minutes, Riley discovered that vinegar water is not a trusty spider-killer. At Musical Theatre Camp, Riley will be called ÔÇ£Bazansi,ÔÇØ which means ÔÇ£spiderÔÇØ in TarzanÔÇÖs language. She chose this horrid name in hopes of fending off smaller creepy-crawlies. When not at camp, Riley is a spunky Trinity Western University student who is studying to be a high school teacher. This summer, Riley is excited to implement this schooling into her role of the Training Coordinator as she mentors student leaders. Riley enjoys working at Jesters because she gets to develop her relationship with God, build an authentic community, and have more fun than a troop of wild monkeys! Get your vinegar water out, because Bazansi is coming to Jesters!

Evan has been with Jesters for 2 summers and is excited that this year we’re doing Tarzan. “Terk” can’t wait for camp to start and give out high fives (might be virtual ones though!) and is looking forward to seeing old and new faces. But remember to call him by his camp name, or he might have you jumping around like a crazy monkey doing the “Trash-the-camp” dance!

Emma has been involved in Jesters Theatre for several years and is very excited to meet the campers this summer. She loves to go on hikes, ski, and be crafty. Emma is the youngest of five in her family, in a home that is always overflowing with fun, laughter, and clothes ÔÇ£borrowingÔÇØ among the five female residents, and a steady stream of friends who love being a part of the family. ÔÇ£KalaÔÇØ has been taking voice lessons for six years now so watch out if you forget her camp name as she might insist on singing a lullaby with you in Mangani! She is eager to use her talent for GodÔÇÖs glory, and to see where it will take her in the future.