Main Stage

Thanks to our cast, crew, volunteers, audience, sponsors and donors for a fabulous 2021/22 season!

See you in September for our next Main Stage installation.
Registration will open late Spring.



Ryan Scramstad – Artistic Director

Ryan comes from a background in professional acting and youth leadership. He is thrilled to be part of the Jesters team, where he gets to combine these two big passions God has put on his life.  He loves helping youth see their own inherent value, and believes the performing arts is one of the best tools in which to do that. Jesus didn’t put anyone here by mistake, and fostering the creative sense inside of yourself is useful in any area of life.

Michelle Tydeman – Admin Assistant 

Michelle started with Jesters in 2018 to help with a few admin tasks and quickly embraced the inclusive community of staff and families. She loves helping create opportunities for youth to experience how special God created them, praying for the youth and team, and sharing about the Jesters’ family in the community. Occasionally, she bakes cookies and happily drops them off to unsuspecting recipients.

Aidan Rettich – Assistant Director

Aidan has been a student with Jesters Theatre since the Summer of 2017, and has regularly attended just about every opportunity available. He played key characters in nearly all shows he had the chance to be in; and thoroughly enjoyed every year. This Fall, he stepped up into the role of Assistant Director of Jesters’ Mainstage to work alongside others on the wonderful leadership team. Aidan always endeavors to display Godly wisdom in teaching the students how to live a life in Christ as well as teaching the art of theatre. He enjoys his work immensely.

Emma Snyder – Stage Manager

Emma has been with Jesters Theatre for a few years now.  First as a student, then as a SIT (Staff-in-Training), followed by a staff position as Summer Designer for camps and now her most recent position as Stage Manager.  She can often be heard humming the latest tune and uses her creativity and voice as God’s instruments in reaching out to all who she comes in contact with.


Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!

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