Leadership Training

Leadership Camp was where it was at!

Our young leaders are the future of tomorrow and we love being part of their growth!

Jesters Theatre serves youth aged Grades 3-12 through a variety of programs. As they grow older, many participants want to share their experience and develop leadership skills while still having the opportunity to enjoy the fun of Teen Camps. Leadership Development Camp was created to help young leaders grow their  skills, understand biblical leadership and engage their creative side. They play a key role in developing safe and fun Kids Camps.  Kids feel a sense of belonging when our student leaders show genuine care for their thoughts and feelings and yet be silly enough to engage in random water gun sprays or spontaneous dance parties!

Often, our student leaders will find summer jobs at Jesters Theatre or gain valuable volunteer experience that leads them toward employment elsewhere.

Sound like an opportunity for you? Then we look forward to your registration in 2022!

Want more info? Please email us at jesters@youthunlimited.com


Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!

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