Summer Theatre



We were so inspired by the Disney movie that we decided to try a Frozen theme ourselves. Who cares if it is summer – Olaf sure didn’t! See you soon at a theatre camp sure to give you the CHILLS!


We had an absolute blast.

Want a taste of the fun we had at camp?  Take a look at our snow skits!

Here are the skits from our Grades 3-6 Camps:
Thank you to Celina’s mom who recorded these for us!

​the love doctors

candyland and the disney chicks
Fudgicicle and revenge
frostbite and the trolls
​The Sand Diggers

Our Staff!

Program Director:   Sharra “Sweater Weather” Ganzeveld

Sweater Weather is absolutely chilled – er, thrilled – to join Jesters Theatre for their summer camp for the very first time. She will be helping to organize and teach the “Frozen” camp this year, which she’s sure will be pretty cool. She can’t wait to use her love of theatre to teach about God’s love for us, so grab your toboggan because we’re gonna slide right in! See you in July!


  Assistant Program Director: Teagan “Toasty” Plett

Toasty is thrilled to be back at Jesters for her second summer! She had a blast at the “Hillbilly Hoedown” last year and will be organizing and teaching at our “Frozen” camp this summer! She fully believes in the message of love in Disney’s “Frozen” and hopes that you’ll learn about God’s unconditional love at camp this year! She can’t wait to hang out with all you chilly chums in July! See you then!


Teacher: Veronica “Frosty”  Hargrave

Frosty Ronnie is so excited for this camp, she might just burst into song! Veronica has just finished her 2nd year of theatre studies at Trinity Western University, and can’t wait to finally do what theatre camps
do in summerrrrrr! She loves Mike&Ikes, having fun while getting to know Jesus Christ, and Nordic sweaters – although she won’t be wearing any at camp. Sorry :)


Teacher:  Sam “Iceberg” Ravensbergen

Sam Headshot 2Iceberg just finished his first year in theatre at Trinity Western University where he acted in a play and on the improv team, 11:07! He is super excited to be coming to Jesters for his first summer! He can’t wait to begin teaching at our “Frozen” camp, and knows that it will be a ton of fun! He is really interested in what he can learn and what you can learn from the message of love in Disney’s “Frozen”, and he’s excited to see what God will do. Camp is going to be a blast, and July couldn’t come soon enough!


Teacher:  David “Sven” Wiebe

2012-08-04 Care Group Camping 024Sven has 20 years of “snowman building” experience, and as such is more than qualified to lead you through the blizzard of games we are hosting this summer!  WARNING: Do not throw a snowball at him – YOU WILL NOT WIN.



Artistic Director:  Sharon “Snowflake” Wiebe


Snowflake has a long time love for theatre… and a long time love for youth!  Her biggest fear as a snowflake is that she will melt when her heart warms at your amazing performances at our show on Day 5!  Good luck!  Can’t wait to see you all there!

Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!