Summer Theatre


 Summer Theatre 2015

Registrations open Spring 2015

Summer Theatre will be Mondays to Thursdays 9:30 – 12:15 with several dates to choose from!  There are 20 spots available per camp.  Thursdays class will include lunch and a show will be presented at 1:30 pm for parents and friends.

Term One

  • July 6-9  Grades 7-12 Camp `The Fire Swamp`
  • July 13 – 16 Grades 3-6 Kids Camp `The Fire Swamp`
  • July 20-23  Grades 3-6 Kids Camp `The Fire Swamp`

Term Two

  • July 27- 30  Grades 7-12 Teen Camp Musical Theatre
  • August 3-7 Grades 3-6 Kids Camp Musical Theatre
  • August 10 – 14  Grades 3-6 Kids Camp Musical Theatre

For more information on Student Leader Training, click here!





Here are some of the skits from our FROZEN 2014 Summer Theatre!  

Cheeseburgers! with Toasty!
Dr Sabotage with Sweater Weather!
 The Disney Chicks with Toasty!
In Summer Teen with Toasty and Sweater Weather
The following videos were filmed by Celina and her mom and were edited by Celina!  Thank you!
Arendelle Verses with Frosty!
Riley and Alia – what was the name of your small group!  Here it is!
I am sorry…these links will be fixed soon!  I have forgotten some group names… you can email me if I have your group written down wrong!
Fudgicicle and revenge
​The Sand Diggers

Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!