Musical Theatre

MUSICAL THEATRE 2017 Grades 3-12

This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.  There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:12,13



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Location:  North Valley Baptist Church (32715 Cherry Ave, Mission, BC – with the big ole long driveway!)  Near the Cherry Hill Corner Store on Cedar St

What we do:  We have classes on acting, vocals and dance which teach you all you need to know to perform a song with your small group!  We have costumes galore and great teachers that you will love! Snacks, a devotional and theatre games all add up to a lot of fun!


July 3-9  Student Leader, Volunteer and Summer Staff Training
July 10-13  Teen Theatre Camp 9-12:00 (Grades 7-12)
July 17-20  Kids Theatre Camp 9-12:00 (Grades 3-6) FULL
July 24-27  Musical Theatre Teen Camp 9-12:00 (Grades 7-12)
July 31 – August 3  Musical Theatre Kids Camp 9-12:00 (Grades 3-6)

Early Bird Registration:  $50 per camp (Please make cheques out to YOUTH UNLIMITED, not Jesters) Mail to Youth Unlimited c/o Sharon Wiebe 32379 McBride Ave, Mission BC V2V 6A2
Latecomers Registration: (after June 26):  $60
Financial Assistance:  If you require financial assistance, please don`t hesitate to ask about it on your registration form!

Student Leaders at Kids Camps may attend Kids Camps for free.
For more information on being a student leader, click here.


 Additional Notes:

Vector illustration of gold eastern lampThere may be students in the Teen Camp going into Grade 7 who wish to attend the kids camps, and this is fine.  We do not however accept Grade six students in the Teen Camp. There are 30 spots available per camp.

Thursdays class will include lunch and a show will be presented at 12:30 pm for parents and friends.

Songs for This Year’s Musical Theatre from Aladdin





Program Director:  Ellie Forsyth aka “Jasmine”

This is Ellie’s second summer at Jesters Theatre and she’s so very happy to be back!  This is especially true because of Jesters’ fairy tale themes for the summer – think of all the magical realms we can explore through theatre!  Ellie loves acting, singing, and dancing, and has been involved in performing arts for the last 16 years.  She studies at TWU during the school year.  If she found a genie in a magic lamp, she would probably use one of her wishes to play Jane Porter in the musical Tarzan, or travel to China, or maybe to become more decisive… It would also be nice to have a magic carpet.  Thankfully, genies offer three wishes instead of just one!

Assistant Program Director: Alex Miller aka “Genie”

Alex is excited to return to Jesters this summer for a chance to reenact some of the best tales the fantasy world has to offer!  He loves music, Disney, and working with youth, and these camps let him enjoy all three.  During the summer you can find him playing his instruments, enjoying the great outdoors, or delving into his imagination to help Jesters rewrite some fairytale classics!  Alex is eager to work with the many wonderful, zany, and talented students and staff he will encounter before returning to Trinity Western University in the fall to study Education—but until then, he can’t wait to see you at Jesters!

Artistic Director:  Sharon Wiebe aka “Aziza”

It’s true that I have never been to any Arab countries, but we are certainly fans of “hot places”!  And Disney!  And most definitely of Aladdin!  I am thrilled to experience Year 7 of Jesters summer programs!  7 is my favourite number by the way and so I expect good things!  I love the youth and children who come to Jesters, I love theatre and I love the staff who are with us this year.  We are looking forward to meeting some of you and reuniting with old friends.  I am pictured with my husband Dave and three kids Riley, Rahul and Macey in one of our favourite “hot places”: Moab, Utah!

Theatre Manager:  Tiani Foster aka “Rajah”

Tiani has been with Jesters as one of the permanent staff since Fall 2015, and loves the joyful, uplifting community here. She has had a
passion for theatre for most of her life, and has always held a deep and abiding love of all things Disney; she likes to identify herself as a “Disnerd”, in fact. Fun fact: Tiani once played the Sultan in a middle-school production of Aladdin! She’s pumped to jump back into Agrabah with each of you this summer. Some of her other joys include picnics, thunderstorms, and anything with cinnamon.

Dance Instructor:  Teagan Gibson aka “Tigress”

Teagan is coming back to work at Jesters for the fourth time because she just can’t seem to keep away! This time she will be the dance teacher for Musical Theatre camps, and she cannot wait to show you the “whole new world” of choreography! Fun fact, Teagan actually played the character of Aladdin in her middle school musical (yes indeed, she played a boy). Teagan is very excited to be a part of Jesters’ mission to help youth grow in their confidence, to inspire them with a love for theatre, and to explore God’s truth.  See you in July!

 Student Staff: Alia Riesen aka “Abu”

Alia is incredibly stoked to be working at Jesters again this summer. She has been with Jesters since 2011 and grew up acting with Jesters. Alia adores all things fairy tales and Disney, so she could not be more excited for the camps this summer. Fun fact, when Alia was nine she was in a theatre production of Aladdin, and loved it. She has loved theatre ever since. Alia can’t wait to see new and old faces this summer.

Student Staff: Riley Wiebe aka “Scheherazade”

Riley will be working as staff for the first time at Jesters Theatre this summer! She has been a student leader in Jesters’ camps, and Fall Theatre for several years. Now she is excited to have this new position with more responsibility. Jesters has been a big part of her life; it has helped her grow in her acting abilities, and grow as a person. Riley loves writing stories, laughing, singing, doodling, telling random jokes, and acting! If you see Riley, you should tell her your favourite joke, ask her for a high five, or give her a cat. Any of these would make her day!


Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!