Cast and Crew Information 2017


Actor Write-Ups (click here)

Actor write ups are used on our slide shows and are scripted beside a picture of you in costume.  Those who attend our shows enjoy reading about you and getting to know you better!   Please read over your actor write up, or if you have not written yours yet, please do so.

Lyrics for Rockin’ Robin

Vocals:  Riley F, Aidan, Julian, Miles, Asher, Riley W, Grace, Macey,
Alia, Layni, Madalen, Jarom and Mckinley will be singing during our Rockin Robin song!  This is a link to the lyrics!

Rockin’ Robin Choreography Videos Coming Soon!

Dancers:  Madison, Kaci, Elijah, Jael, Joseph, and Alison

Rockin Robin Song Track (no vocals)

The Cup Dance Videos Coming Soon!

Cup Dancers:  Layni, McKinley, Josiah, Arthur, Julian, Saira, Janae, Hannah, Iliah, Miles, Adrian, Morgan – Performed to the song Turkish Delight found in our song list above.

Snow Set Change:  

Your dance will be dependant on how the set is created and won`t be rehearsed until October.  In the meantime, here are a couple of videos that you can watch and practice!
A Thorough Description of Basic Ballet and Posture
A Brief Summary of the 5 Positions

Snow: Jenna, Jenae, Sarah B, Ruth, Grace/Teah
Lead Snow:  Riley CAST A, Carys CAST B  We will be learning a bit of ballet!


Finally, a theatre company that welcomes… chickens!