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Located in Mission BC

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Fall Theatre 2017

Please see our Fall Theatre page!
his program is FULL for 2017

The Writing Club Overnighter 2017

June 16/17
We will be accepting up to 10 students (grade 7-12) who will learn about skit writing and write their own skits to be performed at Summer Theatre this year!

Registration:  Information on how to register will be sent out via our fan mail list in May.

Summer Student Leadership Training

Leadership Training will be provided this year as a part of our summer camp program.  Grades 7 – 12 Students may apply as Jr or Sr Student Leaders and will be mentored by our Program Directors up to 6 hours per day.   You may volunteer for just one of the two summer terms, although preference will be shown to those who are available all summer.

Summer Theatre and Musical Theatre

Summer Theatre and Musical Theatre will be Mondays to Thursdays. There are 30 spots available per camp.  Thursday’s class will include lunch and a show will be presented at 1:00 pm for parents and friends

Please see our Summer Theatre and Musical Theatre pages!

Music and Dance

Currently we are offering Hip Hop in January of 2018.  Registrations will be openend in the Fall and advertised through the Fan Mail list.  If you would like to be on our Fan Mail list, please request this through the Contact Us page.