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Our 2019 Programs

Fall Theatre

Fall Theatre is for the dedicated theatre fans who want to be in a play!  Fall Theatre rehearsals are Sept-November with shows the final two weekends in November.  We have a strong connection in this group with leadership and mentoring playing a key role in the dynamic between our students. Our goal is to raise money for a global and local cause through the efforts we put into our shows.  Fall Theatre participants have raised over $15,000 to help make the world a better place!  Our shows are well attended by our community and we want to thank everyone for their support for these awesome youth!

Summer Student Leadership Training

Hold the Show!  Our student leaders are here!  This group is an essential part of our Summer Theatre program.  That’s why we have a whole camp just for them!  The skills learned at our Leadership Training Camp prepare young leaders to become confident in their abilities, willing volunteers and caring towards others.

Summer Theatre

Every theatre company needs some programs that are just meant to be fun …right?  Okay, we do learn a lot of skills at these camps and we do get to perform a show, but summer is meant for deep down belly laughs and a chance to have fun with your friends!  We know you’re gonna love this and come away from it feeling more sure of yourself and with some great memories.  Summer Theatre offers both Acting Camps and Musical Theatre Camps.  While this is a big program, we have youth and children in small groups with lots of caring leaders.  It’s the perfect environment for feeling safe in a big way.

Jesters Dance

Each spring we choose a type of dance that you like best and we enjoy a three month, weekly class designed to keep you healthy, making friends and having fun!

The Writing Club Overnighter

Do you love to write?  You’ve come to the write place!  This 2 day camp is designed for a small group to work together creating a script that can be used at one of our other camps.

Jesters Sr

Oh!  Why did you have to grow up?  Wait!  We have a NEW program designed for our older students and alumni!  That’s right, YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD!  We’d love to have you back.  Get on the fan mail list if you want to find out about stuff we’re doing at Jesters Sr.


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